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Community Update:

SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

1) Introduction

Hello Scroll Community!

We apologize for the wait. We have a lot to share with you. We have managed to pull together all of the awesome things happening here at Scroll and condensed them into an update for you all to read. This update is going to be a bit different, more personalized and contains A LOT of information. If you have any questions feel free to hop into Telegram and we can answer them for you!


2) TechCrunch Recap

We are thrilled to have met the amazing community backing us at TechCrunch Disrupt. Every connection we made was valuable and we have advanced very quickly on the Business Operations side of Scroll since Disrupt. Disrupt had allowed us to make many potential client connections, future venture capital connections, and gave our fans the ability to demo SlideDrive.

At TechCrunch Disrupt, we managed to connect with many potential clients, venture capitalist and we were able to discuss the direction of Blockchain Technology with Industry Leaders.

While we were not Wild Carded into Battlefield this year, we did very well at our booth and we garnered all of the exposure we needed from potential partners, clients, and expansion of our fanbase.

As you saw in our livestream, the SlideDrive demo went well! We also conversed with fans and showed them how SlideDrive works in person. We had two computers for demo and those that came to our booth were able to move data using SlideDrive, check out individual transactions and explore the UI we are building. Keep in mind, the demo we had showcased was the 1.0 version of SlideDrive and we are speeding toward our 2.0 release with BETA.

Thanks to the helpful feedback and live testing, we are currently working on bug fixes, UI/UX enhancements, and tweaking specific features before giving out BETA keys. BETA is just on the horizon!

Check out what SlideDrive 2.0 has to offer on our official website below and for an articulation on Partnership relationships we have made at TechCrunch Disrupt please “Scroll” down to section 8 of this update!



3) Livestream Q/A

Within the next week or two, we will be hosting another Q/A livestream event where we will answer your question displayed on Telegram. If you would like a question to be included for consideration in the Q/A, please DM an Admin on Telegram and they will add it to the list!


4) Aster Deployment Livestream

On top of a Q/A livestream, we will be conducting a live deployment of Aster later next week. The specific time and date will be posted soon! Once everything is good to go, we will announce the deployment! Keep in mind, while deploying a Blockchain may seem cool to some, this technology is very straightforward and may not seem spectacular to watch, but we promise, it’s awesome!

As we continue to move forward, we will  also be livestreaming deployments of our future net types. Stay tuned!


5) Marketing Campaigns

We plan on conducting marketing campaigns and the exposure we garner will be facing towards the products we are building and the community we want to grow. The marketing campaign expected by our community will gradually increase as we move into the Fall season and we will begin to garner exposure through the proper channels.

Along with our marketing campaign, we plan on expanding our influence into new channels we had not approached before.

We are excited to tell the world about Scroll and have everyone use our products in the future.


6) Complete Token Swap

As some may know, SCRL is still considered an ERC20 token. While multichaining is something that we want to keep for a while, we will be looking into making a complete token swap in the future. This standard will also be used for future projects that look to build on any of our net types and we will be releasing a SCRL Wallet to house these tokens in cold storage.


7) Making every Token, unique.

One of the main objectives when creating Scroll was to produce a blockchain ecosystem free of negativity. While this space has operated on plenty of speculation for a long time, we believe we can provide a solution that verifies projects that seek to build on Scroll.

So how are we doing that?

Step 1: Make every token build on Scroll, unique.

As our blockchain ecosystem begins to grow, it eventually will become impossible for us to verify every single project that wants to build on Scroll using our SDK. By creating smart contracts with criteria of the project it will create clarity among purchasers who are interested in backing the project. That being said, any and all promises made in issuing the token will be immutable in the smart contract and will require substance in the project BEFORE it reaches the public.

In a venture capital ecosystem, it is typical for institutional investors to request a demo or proof of concept before raising capital, so why should it be different in blockchain?

This is a work in progress, but we are excited to show to the world when the time comes.


8) Integral Partnerships

To us, partnerships matter. Every connection we make with another venture matters. We hope to build something with our connection’s infrastructure or with their team. While we have not finalized everything on paper, we would like to let the community know that we intend on making multiple integral partnerships with other companies we had met with at TechCrunch Disrupt. We define an integral partnership as a business relationship where we build a service together with another venture that closely parallels to our mission of bringing Blockchain Technologies to businesses everywhere.

These relationships are well underway and will be announced when the time comes, but they are definitely on the horizon.

9) SlideDrive BETA Keys

We will be releasing SlideDrive BETA Keys in waves as such:

Round 1: Industry Professionals, VIPs                                    

Round 2: Public Round 1

Round 3: Public Round 2

Our reasoning for releasing our first wave to Industry Professionals and VIPs is a form of stress testing. Without this initial testing, a massive public BETA round could not give us the results we need. This technology is very new and the purpose of a BETA is to make our official launch better. We can confirm, though, that we will allow VIP’s to stream SlideDrive usage, so everyone will see how it works.


10) Public Documentation and Open Source

For our future development community, Scroll documentation is on its way! As we continue to solidify our intellectual property, we will begin to post our source code publicly and intend on releasing our SDK early next year.

Question: When SDK?

Answer: We want to make sure our initial net types are deployed and that, structurally, we have a good understanding of what people are going to want to build on Scroll. This will allow us to release future net types that not only will cater to future clients but our development community as well.


11) SCRL Utility Implementation

This is a huge question that we have been trying to explain as much as we can, so we want to take the time to explain the immediate utility functionality of SCRL and why it is absolutely necessary in our platform.

Client interaction and SCRL

First and foremost, SCRL will be able to be purchased in our client! The Scroll Client will be an expansive downloadable browser that will feature every DApp, Net Type, and Software Development Option we have to offer on the front of Scroll. Connected to the future SCRL Wallet, purchasing SCRL from our browser will be akin to purchasing Bitcoin on a platform that interfaces with an exchange backend.

We are currently looking to align with an extremely active exchange to be able to host our backend and for users to purchase SCRL in the Scroll Client with ease for the means of product use!

Why are we doing this?

It is simply tedious to force a customer to go to a random exchange and buy SCRL. Doing so would complicate the process in which the product is used and we are full speed ahead toward having our technology eventually being mass adopted. By allowing an easy one button buy option in the client, it will allow SCRL to engage with every single one of our platforms from an Enterprise and Consumer perspective.

SCRL can be consumed for subscription packages and purchased similar to how artificial credit would accrue in a pre-paid debit card (but of course, there is no debit card….or artificial credit, just SCRL). With this feature, businesses will be able to automatedly push transactions from their default SCRL wallet in client or purchase business options to pay for what they need with SCRL. On the consumer side of things, say you are an individual that wants to keep their data in one place. With SCRL, you do not have to pay monthly fees for actions you will not use. SCRL allows that consumer to pay manually for every transfer they do, or to select an automated option that charges them monthly for X amount of transfers.

We intend on creating packages that would suit all lifestyles.

So how does the store of Enterprise Tokens work?

The Tokens will only be necessary if, economically, demand becomes so exponential that more is required. Otherwise, the process explained above will be the default for SCRL transactions and we intend on always matching the demand and supply.

We will be releasing more information as we grow, but this will be the center piece for how we will bring SCRL to mass adoption.

And to answer another commonly asked question, yes, ALL Net Types will use SCRL. Utility functionality will indefinitely be active with our platforms.



12) Public Block Explorers and Tokens representing new projects on our blockchain

Aster will be receiving its own Block Explorer for the purpose of viewing smart contracts. Developers will have the option to make a smart contract public or private, in businesses cases (unless specifically requested) we are initially making ALL business smart contracts private. In the case that a business would want a public contract, we will work with them to ensure they are not leaking proprietary information.

As for Tokens representing new projects on our blockchain, we intend on making sure each Block Explorer deployed has a proper, professional atmosphere and we will be making a conscious effort to discard garbage.


13) Conclusion

In conclusion, there is a lot more for us to accomplish, but we sincerely hope that everyone is as excited as we are about the changes we are making and the software we are building. We will continue to keep you all updated as we grow and release community updates to keep you all informed.

Thank you for all of your support, see you on our next livestream!

-The Scroll Team