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Community Update:

October 26, 2018

Opening Statement

Hello Scroll Community!

Welcome to our October 2018 Community Update. We hope that everyone is doing well going into this holiday season.  We are excited to tell the community about all of the things happening at Scroll HQ.    


1.) Our Collaboration with Yale Open Lab and Blockchain Initiative

We are excited to announce our official collaboration with Yale Open Lab and Blockchain Initiative. We are thrilled to be able to bring Scroll into the Yale Ecosystem of Open Source endeavors and are excited to see what new innovations will be built! As part of our collaboration, we will work together in an effort to improve upon future Open Source Endeavors whether that be on the side of education for the future of Distributed Ledger Technologies or for business.

As part of our collaboration, we are dedicated to further development of the Scroll Platform. As part of our dedication to our community and future Open-Source Developers, we plan on opening up the Scroll SDK to Yale Open Lab in 2019 for those who wish to build DApps and projects on our platform!

How you as a community member or developer can benefit:

If you are a student looking to build DApps or Distributed Ledger Technologies and find Scroll intriguing, keep posted! We are actively working on ways to keep our technology centered around our community while helping the progression of the platform in Open-Source!

LINK: https://yaleblockchaininitiative.com/

More information to come in the future!    


2.) Community Expansion

Over the next few months, there will be a focus on Community Expansion centered around Scroll. This expansion does not just involve Social Media, but also the active pursuit of Open-Source, integration of new technologies, and increased community members that share their passion for Scroll!

We want to reassure our community that the upcoming growth of Scroll is to be built up over time, but greater exposure will be a hallmark as to what we hope to have accomplished over the next few months.    


3.) Blockchain in Transport Alliance Summit – Aster Demo, live

For clarification, Aster will be demoed at the Blockchain in Transport Alliance Summit coming in November, NOT SlideDrive. The intention of the summit is to have it centered around Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain and Logistics, and we believe Aster fits the bill. The team is working diligently to prepare the demo for the summit, and we hope to either stream the presentation or grab a recording of it taking place. If it comes to be that we cannot record the event, we will do a more direct demo of Aster and post the video to our YouTube Channel for everyone to see.

If you are interested in testing Aster as a Logistics solution for your business, feel free to send in an inquiry here: https://scrollnetwork.slidedrive.network/aster/


4.) 2018 Timeline vs 2019 Timeline

We had wanted to clarify to the community that the current timeline on our website reflects the REMAINDER of 2018. That being said, we will be putting out a 2019 Timeline for the first 6 months of next year, and then the remaining 6 months thereafter.

Our primary reasoning for breaking down our timeline is so we can focus on specific variables that exist in the now rather than trying to follow a timeline of milestones that could be reached ahead of schedule. We are scaling quickly, allowing us to accomplish tasks more efficiently. As a result, we would rather present a current timeline of objectives we are focusing on now.    


5.) Public Block Explorer – All Net Types

Due to the fact that we are working with Semi-Private AND Decentralized Blockchains, putting together a PUBLIC Block Explorer does have its challenges. In theory, we could put up a Public Block Explorer tomorrow, however we want to ensure the privacy of the information being moved on the platform. For instance, clients utilizing Aster will have complete data privacy to the information they are tracking (which should not be seen by the public). However, more decentralized frameworks, such as Osier, can include a public block explorer. We want to be able to create one large portal where our community can visit to interact with all active net-types.

We intend to keep our community updated on this process and by the time we launch we will have everything figured out.  🙂


6.) Scroll for Halloween – Merch Competition

For those of you going to a Halloween Event, get ready to celebrate and compete for merch! Prepare to like and retweet our upcoming Halloween post on Twitter to enter. We will be looking through all of the engagements and picking 5 lucky winners to receive a box of Scroll Merch, including a signed item!

We will be posting the winner on Twitter! Stay tuned!


7.) SlideDrive BETA Waves

Currently SlideDrive is in the hands of industry professionals. We will be bringing in the public once we finalize a new UI for Beta (different from the UI at TechCrunch). BETA invitees will be on a first come first serve basis, and there are currently A LOT, so we will try to get through all of them as efficiently as possible.    


8.) Thank you

As always, we would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support. We will continue to deliver as time goes on, but as always feel free to visit our Telegram Chat if you have any questions!


The Scroll Team    


And by the way, the Keep Meme will eventually be an awesome product…but it won’t be called by our code name, Keep.