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Community Update:

November 30, 2018


1.) Introduction

Hello Scroll Community!

We hope everyone is having a good week and, if you celebrate, are having a happy holiday season so far! We have a few announcements in store, hopefully some surprises, and we are excited to hear how the community receives them. We have 1 more community update after this one to conclude the year and have plenty more to announce! Remember, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask us in our open channels and without further notice, have fun reading!


2.) Holberton Announcement

One thing that really excites us to announce is our collaboration with Holberton School. For those who
do not know, Holberton is a “University Alternative” educational option for developers. We are working with Holberton on team expansion, and hiring software engineers that specifically fit the stack we need to continue building new, innovative technologies.

Expect to see us expanding our team over the next year! We are prioritizing the further hiring of talented software engineers to always stay ahead of the curve in the world of distributed systems.


3.) Announcing Partners

Business relationships are currently in the process of being made, however, legitimate partnerships and collaboration takes time to solidify and progress. We will not announce a pre-mature collaboration with another entity, and announcing a significant relationship in the future will be properly announced per the direction of all parties involved.


4.) Client Confidentiality

As we continue to grow, we will begin to onboard new clients so they can utilize our products. We would like to note that it is up to the client whether we can disclose a testimonial or not and this is specifically due to the nature of data privacy that we strongly care about for every client we service.


5.) SlideDrive Progress – Pen Test Results

We had recently completed our Phase 2 Penetration

Test on SlideDrive, and we would like to announce that our recent results had come back positive on the angles tested. SlideDrive is currently in the process of being further fortified before public BETA release. We intend on SlideDrive to become one of the most secure data management platforms and take the importance of data privacy + security very seriously. “Securing your data” to us means a streamlined experience with no other parties involved except for you and your computer.

Our recent Penetration test is backed by a full analysis document. We will not (at this time) disclose the document as it carries very sensitive information about the SlideDrive Platform.


6.) Aster Progress – Post BITA Pipeline

Aster was hugely successful at BITA. While that was our first stage pitch showcasing the Aster Software, there is plenty more to come in the future. There is currently a large volume of interest in Aster, and we are sorting through our leads pipeline to help the world get started with Aster!

Each Aster solution is custom to each client it serves, with a baseline UI/UX that everyone saw in the demo we had presented on stage. We had presented in front of a full house, with hundreds of industry leaders in attendance. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to see how Aster can make the supply chain industry more efficient in the future.


7.) 2019 Timeline

Our next update will include the first 6 months of our 2019 timeline. We are breaking our timeline into 6 month increments in order to properly scale our progress with what we can accomplish + deliver.

We are expecting SlideDrive BETA keys to release in early 2019, and SCRL will be a factor of use in the platform along with every other product we produce.


8.) Quality of Life Website Fixes + Additions

Coming soon, we will be reworking the website with new changes , updated information, and provide an easier user experience. In the future, we want to be able to use our website as a place of purchase for all of our products.


9.) SCRL

We will be officially publishing the SCRL Light Paper next month. This will include in depth breakdowns, overview and behavioral economic strategy behind SCRL. We are expecting it to be a read that is able to be understood from many different angles and also discuss current utility functionality of SCRL for those that need a deep technical knowledge for development integration.

We also wanted to mention the decentralized nature of SCRL. The goal is to have SCRL become the standard for data transactions on distributed networks. That being said, we want other platforms that need a digital asset for their data based platform to use SCRL just as we do in our platform. The nature of SCRL is not to be centralized, it is meant to benefit all data centric blockchains and distributed networks with this specific factor of providing gas to all data transactions.


10.) Open Source

Our primary reason for keeping SlideDrive + Scroll closed source is to protect our intellectual property
as we are an early stage startup. The Open Source that will be released soon will have fractions of the software we are working on, but will not include the entire applications in bulk. We intend to start committing to some open source github repositories in 2019, but most of SlideDrive will remain closed source even post launch in order to protect the security of the software and your information.


11.) Conclusion

Thank you for everyone that has been supporting us, we really hope everyone is as excited for 2019 as we are. Remember to ask questions if you have any! We are always here to help!

– The Scroll Team