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Yearly Community Report – 2018 


  1. Introduction
  2. Our growth from the beginning of 2018
  3. Community Oriented 2019
  4. Team expansion
  5. Community Forum Rules
  6. Us in comparison to the rest of the Blockchain World (Transparency)
  7. SlideDrive
  8. Tokenomics White Paper release date + Updates
  9. Website Updates
  10. Product Interfacing UI/UX Demos
  11. Oracle Netsuite
  12. Timeline 2019 (First Half)
  13. Conclusion

1.) Introduction

Welcome to the 2018 Community Report for Scroll! We are very excited for 2019 and expect it to be better and more exciting than 2018! This update is where we wrap everything up, backtrack on past promises and provide an extra layer of transparency for our community. We want to be sure that we cover all the information that we can regarding 2018, so that way we can go into 2019 with a fresh new start for the Scroll Project as a whole. We hope everyone will get everyone excited about all of the awesome things happening internally and externally!

Keep in mind, there is A LOT that we wish we could add in this update, but due to the timing, we will need to wait on announcing those updates until we can legally talk about them publicly. For this update, we are strictly focusing on what we can say publicly,  we intend on making everything else visible as soon as we can.

The year of 2018 was great for Scroll! Without all of the support from the community, we would not be where we are today. We are incredibly thankful for everyone’s dedication to our project in whichever way you choose to support us!

2.) Our growth from the beginning of 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we planned to build a business based on Scroll and SlideDrive. We are thankful for everyone who’s become so immersed into the blockchain space and our tech from that period. Scroll has been lucky enough to have such a talented team that’s grown to a business infrastructure of 22 Full-Time employees! The team has pushed the limits of blockchain technology and were able to develop two net-types, Aster and Osier. Osier is our answer to cross-compatibility between blockchains, products within the Scroll Network, and Communication system of nodes for consumer adaptability. With the supply chain industry expansively growing, we created an answer to the growing pains supply chain companies face every day, Aster.

Aster is our first foot into the door with blockchain supply chain and optimizes the efficiency of data transmitted, structured, and analyzed to initiate a dynamic response to decrease the time it takes for a product to go from the hands of the supplier ultimately to the consumer. Aster was demoed at BiTA’s Fall Symposium this year which you can watch here, and it has since received fantastic feedback from the community and companies alike. We hope to continue onboarding companies and receive user feedback going into 2019.

3.) Community Oriented 2019

The mission has always been for you to own your data, and that will always remain the same. To help align ourselves better with our mission, we will be making it a priority to involve our community with more product related ordeals. We always enjoy hearing your feedback! There is a lot that goes into building a product, so we will be looking for more community members to help try out our products user experience for consumer and enterprise platforms before the tech goes live. Expanding our testing eligibility will include the community even more with our projects while helping improve our products!

Going into 2019, we are going to start announcing things as they happen rather than waiting for monthly updates. Monthly updates will cover more structurally related ordeals having to do with Scroll. We have a lot of information waiting to be released when the time comes, so keep yourself posted on all of our media channels!

4.) Team Expansion

Our team consists of full-time workers, part-time workers, and interns. At Scroll, we do not operate as a standard Blockchain Project, we operate as a corporate business.  We desire to continuously develop our current projects in addition to creating new projects, and this requires additional talent. We are looking to continue to expand our business development resources and provide the best hiring/career experience we can for everyone that works here. We do not want this to be a simple project that we work on; we want to build Scroll into a robust business with effective structuring. Looking at 2019, we hope to expand to 35+ full-time employees as we continue to grow and provide as much career stability for those who work here as we can.

Our direction has always been to develop the best distributed ledger-based applications that we can produce. In 2019, we intend on massively expanding our development team to help tackle demand much more quickly. We want to release our products with seamless delivery, and that means addressing problems as they arise (such as not waiting until the release to fix a bug).

We are a group of cool, funny, weird, sarcastic and entrepreneurial people. If you think you would be a good fit for the team, we are growing every day! Please keep an eye out on the careers page of our website if you see a job description that you may spark your interest. Please note, we cannot expand to 100 employees overnight, so right now every hire we bring in has to accurately fit our job description to a T. Along with hiring, we plan on expanding our herald program significantly in 2019. If you believe you will be a good fit as a Scroll Herald, be on the lookout for the online application!

5.) Community Forum Rules

We want to bring our community back into our main telegram channel, so we will be lifting the Telegram restrictions that are currently in place, mainly on no price discussion. The new rules for 2019 (subject to adaptation) are as follows:

1.) Be Respectful to Others

2.) No Ads/Spam

3.) No illegal activities and illicit contents

4.) No personal info, no hate speech, and no harassment.

5.) No begging for goods or services.

6.) No fake news or spreading of misinformation.

7.) Please DM one of the admins below directly, do not ask them to DM you. (For Security Reasons)

@RichardOpper @ScrollSmack

6.) Us in comparison to the rest of the Blockchain World (Transparency)


Many consider our project different in comparison to the rest of the blockchain world. When it comes to our mission, we are very focused on adoption today, rather than 3-5 years. We hold ourselves to a different standard than most blockchain companies, we are not decentralized ledger with crypto tied to it. We at Scroll create real products and multiple blockchains for YOUR needs as a consumer and an enterprise. We are more than just your standard blockchain company with a single product. We are the Scroll Network, a suite of software as a service for the needs of the people and companies alike. As you may already know, our company SoluTech, Inc is the parent company of the Scroll Network and we hope to have more projects underneath SoluTech, Inc. We operate with 22 employees we are more than equipped in all aspects to tackle 2019 and grow as a US-based blockchain company. Our mission is simple, and that is to promote trust in a world where there is currently a lack thereof.

7.) SlideDrive

SlideDrive is currently in an excellent spot! Some of you may be wondering what is holding up the public beta release, it is mainly being held back slightly to finish optimization and features. We want to be able to include highly requested features for our BETA, and we do not want to have a negative launch. To negate this, we want to optimize everything we can before releasing SlideDrive. While our community may recognize that it is in BETA, the public may or may not get deterred from using it if there are non-addressed bugs. We are looking out for the long-term and positive user experiences for all of you!

BETA works as a first come first serve basis, unless we are dealing with industry professionals. In regards to SlideDrive, it is currently stress tested by industry professionals, and once we clear specific ordeals, we will issue the first wave of BETA keys. It is a goal for us to accomplish the release of BETA keys in Q1 of 2019. We will also be reworking the BETA signup page for those who wish to test other products of ours. Keep checking into our website for updates!

One remarkable thing that we would like to announce is that SlideDrive is already being used in the Scroll Office! Every day we find more use cases for it, and we’re very excited for everyone to use it! Hopefully in your business’ office soon!

8.) Tokenomics White Paper release date + Updates

Currently, the Tokenomics White Paper is undergoing final revisions and will be out as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and saying it would be completed by this update, the revision process takes time as we intend on building a lot more on top of everything described in the paper. We want to be sure that everything is reviewed accordingly so its release will accurately provide all information requested about SCRL. We would also like to announce that we will be updating the existing Scroll White Paper as well during Q1 to fit better all of the changes made to Scroll since its inception.

9.) Website Updates

The main website will be receiving a facelift very soon; it is currently going through a final revision process. We intend to make a lot of structural changes to the website to allow for easy consumer access to any one of our products. We envision a completed Scroll website as having quick links to product downloads, large page descriptions, and more interactive designs. Be sure to check out our new home page design here!

10.) Product Interfacing UI/UX demos

Aster is an Enterprise based product, but that does not mean we do not want consumers testing out the user experience! We want Aster to be as easy to use as possible, so will be opening up applications in the future for members of our community to test our product user interfaces to give feedback on user experience and overall quality of life. Keep in mind, signing up for demos requires an NDA for our protection. If you are not comfortable signing an NDA with us, please refer to the public beta form instead! (Section 8.)

11.) Oracle Netsuite

In 2019, we will be working with Oracle – Netsuite to develop transaction auditing and flagging software for asset related security purposes and internal auditing. This will help us provide a better user experience for our community and create a stronger foundation of financial responsibility and accountability. Keep on the lookout for future updates in regards to transparency as there is more to come!

12.) 2019 Roadmap

For the 2019 roadmap, we will be releasing it in two waves.  We have both long-term and short-term goals that we need to achieve, and dividing our 2019 roadmap into two waves makes more sense for our purposes. We believe this makes more sense as we can reach each goal at more of a time-efficient manner. Sometimes we work quicker than expected, and we want our roadmap to reflect as much accuracy as possible. Please keep in mind that the published version has a lot more to it than it shows, the big announcements and details are too much to peg.

13.) Conclusion

2019 is going to be a massive year for us. There’s a lot we have in store for this upcoming year. We have come a long way since launching the Scroll Network early this year. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Immense SlideDrive Development and usage in our office
  • Aster Announcement & Development
  • Osier Net-type Announcement & Development
  • Team expansion to 22 full-time employees
  • BiTA Conference Demo, booth, & attendance
  • TechCrunch Disrupt booth & attendance
  • BCI Summit attendance
  • Six content filled live streams
  • Forbes Under 30 Summit Booth & Attendance
  • Named 2019 Best Startups in New Haven
  • Future net-type development

We look forward to a year of diligent work, huge announcements, and many more great accomplishments! We are very thankful every day for our awesome community, your support is always appreciated and we are super excited to share what’s coming this upcoming year with you all. Here’s to 2019 and #ownyourdata!

-The Scroll Team